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I agree, but then, imagine a thousand years from now when they're going over the stuff we post now. Imagine how hungry their minds would be for a peek into what we thought, or felt; our dreams, our fears, our failures, our random nothings.

When humanity has finally achieved greatness, and become the universal rapist they're meant to be, and when the rookies among them are doubtful that raping whole civilizations is what it truly means to be human, they'd be able to look back at us, and say: "Those sick fucks dreamed of what we have, so let's make 'em proud." They'd read our post, see our documents, pictures, files, and skull fuck some alien some where because secretly that's what all DSF members dream of; school fucking aliens.
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How about the part where "Old Ben" assfucks Leia, and blows it on her fucking cheek? He knew damn well who she was, but seemingly ignores it.:
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