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MadamMeow is the king of your castle.MadamMeow is the king of your castle.MadamMeow is the king of your castle.MadamMeow is the king of your castle.MadamMeow is the king of your castle.MadamMeow is the king of your castle.MadamMeow is the king of your castle.
MadamMeow is the king of your castle.MadamMeow is the king of your castle.MadamMeow is the king of your castle.

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If I hated you, I would not have provided a disclaimer in the title.

ButÖeveryone adopting a ho on patreon 100000000% deserves to see this as punishment.


People like the above, Claudia Romani, all the horny Grandmas of LA, etc. see whatís going on and think they can have it to, so here we are.

Fortunately I am a realist. I did the world a favor and cut out social media years ago. I know I donít belong there. If you ever saw me, you would know Iím not aging well and Iím not plastic.

I canít take a decent pic to save my life. I can set myself up where I look good in the mirror but it looks all different in the pic and that screws with me.

I never learned photoshop so I canít Kartrashasurgery with it.

I canít hire someone to take the pictures for me as even anyone pushing 60 is still able to get under 21 year olds into a hotel room with their camera. I know actual multiple people doing this and if they can have barely legals very often, they donít have a reason to waste time on me and Iíll feel like shit anyway knowing that so thatís out. And vids are even worse because I donít even have any type of filter for that, so thatís out.

So what could I offer? I had someone trying to talk me into camming at a time. And every time I would go to check it out everyone is flawless. I am the opposite of that, I walk around with scars on my face for Christís sake. So thatís out.

I thought about maybe getting a mask, but figured many have done that and it would be clichť. I thought about offering to let people just make fun of me for different price levels, but there is no way to actually make them pay for it first, so that wouldnít work and I'd just end up in some yuck reddits.

So what would my end goals be?

Well an anonymous high tipper for Maitland provided me with her secret levels for the following which will likely be hit next month:
  • $100K gets all fans the opportunity to lick the surgery scars on her nipples if they find her out and about.
  • $200K is now the fresh shat in panties for one top donor. I hope the winner takes a pic and posts it to the community!
  • $300K is one top donor gets to cum in one of her holes of his choosing and her husband will suck it out and swallow, all on video.

How could I possibly compete with that? Do you have any ideas?

Do I let people pay to come here and watch me post amongst the others that arenít paying? Since thatís what all the other people are doing with their social media level quality inspired crap? Thatís my equivalent maybe?

I can make personalized voice recordings saying whatever anyone wanted. Thatís the best I got. Itís a shame phone sex is dead, that could have been my calling. I have a body built for radio, shame my career in that ended before my first show.

And my top levelÖslit my throat on some type of live stream? Many out there would get what they want, but then I wouldnít be able to enjoy the money and the ones that wanted it the most wouldn't be on my patronethyline thing so that seems like a dumb idea.

tl;dr: I dunno. This is why I bitch for the days when hookers provided for real sex. Just seems easier, but no one wants it anymore.
None of the links I post are mine.

Oh my there is a lot of tits & ass on movies & TV.

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I like Madam more than you because I just can't nut to a luchador mask
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MadamMeow2 for president....
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