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Expletive 04-02-2010 07:05 PM

Hollywood Cock-Up

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Fuck You Hollywood, wasn't Chun-Li and Dragon Ball enough, you fucking Cock-Ups

I'm a fan of Bleach, and if you lot don't know what that is, or feels that it's a chlorine based product, then you can just fuck off :D, but if you're curious, or simply too stoned to give a fuck, continue reading my super new thread; Hollywood Cock-up--- now you can go fuck yourself. Still here, good, good, let's continue, Bleach is an awesome fucking Manga written by a Japanese guy named Tite Kubo, and it's about a group of Samurai human looking grim reapers whose soul purpose is to help recently deceased people and to kill them before they become white ghost eating mutha fuckas that eat other souls and become more powerful fuckers. And if by chance they eat enough other ghostly fuckers, or recently deceased fuckers, or any fucker they can get their mouths on, they become Arrancar; faggoty Spanish looking, dressed, and speaking mutha fuckers, how or why this happens is never explained, but it's fucking cool. But to think this awesome bit of cherry blossom goodness has fallen into the hands of snobby Hollywood makes my head hurt and my dick limp. So fuck you Warner Bros, and Fuck you Steven Segal for plotting on what would have been an otherwise happy blissful ambiguously gay series of weirdness. Not that any of the characters are gay, other than Gin and the Arrancars. And if you don't know who they are, then your mother is a fucking whore!

edit: I used microsoft word to write this thinking i'd make mistakes, but surprisingly, i didn't make any, didn't need the sentence structure green line at all. or maybe word isn't working, in any event, go fuck yourself :D.

edit edit: And why the fuck (') becomes (?) when i copy it from word?

Expletive 04-02-2010 07:29 PM

Stargate Universe episode Space, airs tonight
Stargate Universe is a new hip series written by the village people to make the Stargate franchise more edgier and gay, but instead it's filled with more fucking fail than this fucking thread, and ladies and fuck-tards, that, is a bad thing.

I would link you fuckers to cool, hip, and supposedly edgier SGU shit, exclusively from tonight's new episode Space, but if I did that, your mother would be a whore, and i'd be uber gay, therefore, I'll just link you to a site that explains it.


And no, the link has nothing to do with tonight's episode, but it would help you understand what SGU is, and aide you in becoming a fan, or to just simply fuck off. Surprisingly, Universe isn't as cool as Atlantis, and by Surprisingly, I mean of course it isn't, because Scifi or SycFuk wannabes, decided to cancel Stargate SG1 for two new shows they felt, and by they, I mean Mark Stern; the dumb fuck, felt would be better than a ten year old show, therefore, he canceled SG1 for Flash Gordon and Payne Killer Jane, which made as much sense as a man cutting off his dick to become a woman instead of just being a fucking shemale. But, let's just say Flash Gordon and Payne Killer Jayne was a bunch of stupid fucking shit, which made getting one's dick cut off to become a cunt, child's play in comparison, or maybe not, but it was just a terrible decision. And on the heels of one bad decision, Mark Stern made another and canceled Atlantis because it didn't want to pay for both Atlantis and Universe. And fuck you too Mark Stern.

So now we have SGU, for better or for worse, which will only get better because the lesbian character will be cured for a time when a cripple bitch switches bodies with her and uses her body to cluster fuck every male member on Destiny. But that may not happen anymore because the village people secretly may be gay.

edit: Stay tuned for more Hollywood Cock-up

edit: There was a huge debate about the entire lesbian getting shit by a disabled woman bit, but fuck, what about the disabled; it was about the disabled actually getting laid and enjoying a regular body, fuck lesbian rights, what about the rights of the disabled? That's typical Hollywood.

Expletive 04-02-2010 08:17 PM

Hollywood hard for Asians, says Zhang Ziyi

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I'm not sure what Zhang Ziyi is talking about, it isn't as if Hollywood under uses Asians in any way whatsoever, or would willingly use Asians in any cliched, or otherwise improper way. Fuck, Hollywood treats Asians like the oriental kung-fu masters they are, who gives a fuck if they're more Asian scientist than any where else, or that most Asians idea of Kung-fu is the back-shot; what you non west indies call doggy style. Or that Asians has the richest cultural history known to man. Who the fuck wants to see Zhang Ziyi talking when she could jump and kick.

Expletive 04-02-2010 09:57 PM

Remakes sucks ass!
I'd like to think I have tons of cool fucking ideas that Hollywood would whore out their mothers for, but I've since come to appreciate that living in the Bahamas and not having any financial means, it is doubtful, that any of my fucking ideas will ever grace the eyes of the majority of the village people that makes up Hollywood. With that being said, I'm sure there are thousands of others who had not only the means, but also the opportunity to have their bits of fancy accepted by the muck a mucks of Hollywood. Unfortunately, many of these screenplays have been locked away to rot while Hollywood not having the balls do take risk anymore, fuck about and remake something that was a success some time ago.

So we're now graced with more remakes than original material, and our satisfaction meters has fallen ever further into apotheosis (a place set aside for failures, fags, and fuck-tards), which wouldn't be that bad except for Hollywood slamming our television sets with more incredulous bullshit claiming it'll be the movie of the century, or the remake of the millennium or other such bullshit, and like proper temporary memory entertainment-whores, we quickly dash to theaters to be had, again and again.

Clash of the Titans came out today, and far beyond the reviews, or the endless line of people online complaining of how much it sucks, we're reminded that this movie may break even, or even worse, become a hit, and Hollywood, not having learned anything, would continue to remake this trivial bullshit. Now, I haven't watched it as yet, and would like to hold my opinion until I've actually seen it, so if any of you fuck whats sees it, let me know what do you think.

Not all remakes are utter and complete bullshit, some of them are actually good, for instance---fuck you, your mother's a whore!

TheSNakE 04-02-2010 10:53 PM


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She's a Chinese citizen. Whether she feels that way or not, she couldn't say anything else.
She barely speaks English, how could she become a big Hollywood star? She's better off in Asia anyway. She's probably treated like royalty there.

Expletive 04-03-2010 07:52 AM


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The thing about Zhang Ziyi and many other Asians are the ways they're continually type-cast in this roll or that, whereas, most, if not all of them, are just regular folks, and they could be lawyers, teachers, students, foreign exchange students, hell, they could even be FBI agents, but Hollywood, and the narrow minded writers, continually show these neighbors of ours, as either ancient fighting people, or modern triad thugs, it's fucking sick.

edit: That is, when they're not type-cast as slave labour.

Expletive 04-03-2010 09:55 AM

From Porn to Hollywood?
Since time immemorial, Cock in Cunny action has been an awesome way to pass the time, relieve stress, seek enlightenment, or to have offspring to make sure your genetic memory continues---unless you're gay; then you can just fuck off!

All of us, if not most of us, has enjoyed the act of Cock in Cunny, but again, if you're gay, you may enjoy Cock in Ass or Tongue in Snatch (though these practices are not necessarily gay since straight people call these various acts fore-play, unless of course you're into fucking shemales, and technically they're neither nor, so you're not gay, just subsidized), which is okay if you're one of the village people that makes up Hollywood, or into art since, most artist, designers, and poets are fags. But among this clamor of professional arts, comes a practice that isn't all that new since, the Egyptians did it, and the Greeks made it a professional pass time, but for all intents and purposes, it's; fucking before an audience for Entertainment. And I'm sure, among the many audience members in Ancient Egypt or Greece, there were the many watchers who had their hands beneath their robes enjoying the vision of the moment, by whacking off, completing the awesome union of Entertainment fucking, and personal satisfaction.

Unlike our supposed time of enlightenment, in those times, actors involved in stage sex would also take part in regular plays, and no distinction could or would be seen by anyone living at that time. Fast forward a few thousand years and you have modern societies moral fuck-whats. These Fuck-Whats continually sneer at sex, even though most of them are fags, and are especially judgmental of public promotional segments of sex to be had or bought, and in a way, they're correct, because I feel every time I see a bit of naughty bits on posters or for sale at shops in plain view of public places, that it should be hidden, or the promoters should be more discreet. Since fucking and shitting are one in the same; every one does it, but publicly, you shouldn't be promoting shit coming out of ass unless of course we're at a sex convention and all of us being sick fucks are subjects of fuck-yeah nirvana with a hand in our pants enjoying the moments. But for some reason, the village people, or Hollywood, refuses to use porn actresses, or actors, beyond cliched rolls which is unbecoming for these laboured professionals, or give them demeaning rolls which is beneath their wide range of acting capabilities. Because porn actors and actresses are fucking awesome in their own right, and far out shine their mainstream counterparts, with deeds and acts that would make most actors and actresses of tinsel town fold up and cry like the attention whores they are. Few has broken the fourth wall (why is it called a 'fourth wall'? fucking idiocy) beyond Ron Jeremy and Tracy Lords (have you seen her vids when she was 16? I may have seen them as well, but you lot may be feds, so fuck off you moral fags!), and even these two has to endure endless cliched rolls. But in my humblest opinion (or the only opinion that matters, so fuck off!), any one who for sixteen hours endures the smells, gas passes, ins and outs, flu colds and germs, or the glare of dozens of other people, or even further, the public ridicule and chastisement, not to mention built in god-given conscience that condemns us repeatedly, are not only super awesome, but most capable of enduring the harshest, and thankless mainstream rolls known.

But saying that the unfair judgment of porn stars are solely the fault of Hollywood is fucking stupid since most, if not every one publicly, crucifies them daily. One of the moral fuck-whats that cause lasers to shoot out of my eyes, is the thought that some one marrying or getting involved with a porn actress or actor is not only immoral but it taints the person getting involved with them. Which is fucking ridiculous since the same crowd that once hated and persecuted faggots are now supporting the act of faggotry, which is okay if you're a fag or supporter, but what moral right have any to condemn a porn actress or actor when you're a supporter of unnatural sex acts, which an entire city got Death Cluster-Fucked Fire-Lava Rocks Fucked from the sky for. And if you don't believe in that bit of actual history then look no further that gay acts was illegal punishable by jail time and at one time, death. And still is punishable by jail time and death in some countries, which makes you supporters and practitioners all sweaty and angry and shit. But, you'd still hold false to the idea that though you're a free moral human engaging in you right to fuck whatever or support a fucker of all things unnatural, that you'd now condemn Porn people for being immoral participants. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? You fucking trolls are hilarious! And you fucking unnatural fucking fags are not the only ones to blame, because some of the blame fall onto you moral-fags. Oh, You, Fucking, Moral, Fags! When you're not trolling fags, and having your harems on the side with your several mistresses and butt-boys, you're mocking about making life difficult and shit, calling attention to Rapelay, an awesome bit of intuitive Japanese gold meant to weed out the hardliners from the wannabes, having the audacity to call rapelay a game that should be banned and any one who plays it should go to jail, when you fuckers are sending our kids to war to get killed and to kill a bunch of sand-savages just because they engage in a bit of thighing, as the honorable prophet Mohammad did to his nine year old wife A'isha. So forget you Moral-fags, as the honorable book of Mohammad said, while you lot are in the fires of hell, these sand-savage will be in their hill-billy or camel-spitting heaven engaging in busy acts of deflowering virgins; Indeed today the inhabitants of Paradise are busy (read fī shughlin or fī
shughulin), [oblivious] to what the inhabitants of the Fire are suffering,
[busy] delighting in pleasures such as deflowering virgins - not busy
with anything wearisome, as there is no toil in Paradise - rejoicing, blissful
(fākihūna is a second predicate of inna, the first being fī shugulin,
'busy'); source: al jalalalyn 36.55

Though admittedly i've some what strayed from the topic of my previous concern, i'd like to say fuck you, and your mother's a fucking whore, except of course if she's passed, and in that regard, my apologies since, de mortious nil nisi bonum, until all are one, or some shit there of, and tampico tropical punch and barcardi razz is awesome, but it took me too long to write this post. And give porn people a chance, if any one can suck dick and get fucked up the ass on screen, they have unique talents that could only get better with time and effort. Just look at Shauna Sand, she's almost as awesome as Vanessa Del Rio.

Expletive 04-03-2010 03:05 PM

Duel on Mustafar
Duel on Mustafar remains one of the greatest light saber fighting scenes ever, though it isn't necessarily the greatest sword fighting scene ever since our Asian cousins has outdone Hollywood's Cock-up saber fights by leaps and bounds. And if you didn't know, Mustafar is a planet of lava in the Star-wars universe, and If you hadn't known that from the beginning, you're most likely a troll-fag and needs to fuck-off!

Word from the set is that Kyle what's his fuck good day mate, Ewan the haggis eater, and Hayden the maple-leaf, had a brilliant well thought out super fight for Anakin Vs Obi-Wan, but George Lucas being the adorable fat fucking loser he is, decided that Star-wars is his path to whoredom having space for only one attention whore, so he told the two actors and the fight coordinator/stuntman to go fuck themselves. And reportedly, after several rim-jobs, Steven Spielberg was finally able to convince George to allow him to work on the Mustafar duel.

But what a fucking awesome duel it was, and it would have been even more fucking awesome, if George Lucas didn't write the dialogue for it. But seeing as how George writes dialogue like inbred crack whores spouts poetry with a dick in their mouth, the actors and the audience was shat upon once again---to say the least. And what an awesome group of actors they were, Hayden had the angry looks but sounded retarded, and Ewan was noticeably underwhelmed with the boring dialogue and looked about ready to weep in almost every scene. But if you have the ability to see pass the fucking idiotic dialogue, the actual saber scene is fucking fantastic. And the constant revolving scenery was magnificent as well--- nothing short of Cock in Ass is as moving.

And though the Maul Vs Ben-Kenobi bit was supposed to be the untouchable star-wars duel, I'd have to disagree, since the brilliant speed and accuracy and sheer time of the Hayden and Ewan bout, was ever ready, like a professional male porn star on Viagra having a three way with two cougar cum stars from way back when; something to beheld.

But if there were a way to rip the cum of star-wars out of my fucking brain I'd gladly do it, because it's fucking stupid to be a fan, or even a remote fan of a fucking idiotic bit of science fiction written by a lazy fat fucker who acts as if he's unsure of what should be cool or isn't, and what should be allowed or wouldn't, or even what the fuck he's going for, an attention whore of the highest order who'd sell his birth right to be male for another billion, so from the bottom of my jaded heart I say, FUCK YOU GEORGE LUCAS, you and Hollywood for fucking up my childhood with your fucking half assed attempt at something awesome. That's why home-made porn is more awesome than all you fuckers; at least it plays to it's source and accomplishes genuine greatness.

And it would have been cool to have Hayden at least once rub Padme's clit with the force, or at least hint at it, c'mon George, you know you wanted to.

Though admittedly; Barcardi Razz and Cranberry is a lot better, and buying two for one from Butler and Sands is an awesome easter special, and for only ten fucking dollars, put that mutha fucka in your fucking pipe and smoke that fuckers.

Expletive 04-03-2010 07:30 PM

Can't be viewed in your COUNTRY?
The fuck-what faggotry that is the RIAA, or whatever the fuck they call themselves, has led a great many websites into banning people outside their area code, or country of origin, in an attempt to stop us from viewing their Entertainment material. Well, tonight, I wanted to watch the premier of Doctor Who, so going to BBC One, I attempted to view it, but was blocked, I therefore went to BBC America and found out that Doctor Who's new season isn't until April 17, but, I'm presently downloading the latest Doctor Who series now. So what have we learned today Hollywood's step aunt twice removed otherwise known as BBC One, how the fuck can you stop the internets mutha fucka?

But, here's what makes me giggle, they block you from watching content on their official website thinking they're actually putting a stop to you viewing their material, whereas all they've accomplished is you getting the shit by other means. While you're on their sight, you can be spammed to shit, or showed a million and one ads, much like youtube does, but not this fucking lot, they're all, ban your country and shit. Well fuckers, consider me banned, and i'll download every episode here on out for you being stupid fucking idiots.

Expletive 04-03-2010 10:30 PM

All the rum is gone, but tomorrow, we're having a bit of white wine, so no biggie. But I've since come to the realization that drinking and writing is a definitive no no.

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